About Drawcuments

Drawcuments is a celebration of life—human and otherwise—that draws on experiences and memories to document stories and perspectives of intrigue.

Our aim is to preserve life in its past, present, and future glory with special focus on those aspects that are either under-recognised or over-looked but are of invaluable significance.

We want to capture the everdayness of life with a meaningful—and entertaining—nod to its relevance. From the most random and trivial to the deliberate and significant events of life. From those unheard of to those celebrated.

We call it artistic storytelling. Art, we believe, is the only force that can outlast life itself. History has documented it well, from the wall paintings in caves of our primate ancestors to the modern cinematic experiences. While we operate on neither extreme, our idea is quite simplistic. Writing and Illustration, with touches of animation and various other modern artistic media, to convey stories and ideas of worth to our audience, with utmost authenticity, accuracy, relevance, and quality.

That is our humble and purposeful existence.

We hope to be of great service to you.


-Yugal Sehgal