Stories Made to Matter

When she entered my class, I knew it wasn't only the class that she was entering, it was also my life.

The value of friendships lies not in talking frequently, but in knowing that you can pick up where you left off easily, whenever you do.

You can love your job, but its circumstances and your colleagues can make just the difference in you wanting to keep doing it or not.

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An amusing true story of how a 2 year old infant slyly managed to manipulate a 21 year old man into doing his bidding.

Growing up with you was the best thing about my childhood, and losing you was equivalent to losing just that.

Lessons from the dramatic and fascinating lives of my dog friends.

Over time I have managed to find balance, fashioned hybrid mannerisms, and developed what can be called a “multi-accented” personality.

Making one small positive change in your life can lead to a chain of positive changes that you cannot really anticipate.

You can love your job, but its circumstances and your colleagues can make just the difference in you wanting to keep doing it or not.

This day symbolised our togetherness in our (social) distancing, and reminded us that our petty differences become meaningless in solidarity


Why do so many well meaning, good hearted women fall for — and end up getting their hearts broken by — trashy men? I have some ideas.

The road to achievement is full of trying, but what does that journey look like? Here's the raw deal with it.

When I look at myself as a 23 year old, I see a child, trying — and struggling — to figure out what even is a fully functional adult.

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When it comes to the matters of attraction, singlehood can be a blessing.

While we can’t eliminate anxiety from our lives, we don’t have to accept it as destiny either. Here's how to loosen its grip on you.

With countless distractions available to us, it’s easy to give in to the temptation and procrastinate. How do you not let it affect work?

The world as we knew is changing. Time is opportune for the Earth to replenish, but the question persists: will we let it?

Four non-obvious and doable ways to make your quarantine more interesting and productive.

View from Afar

Twenty three random lessons I’ve learned so far in my journey.

Seven positive, reinforcing, and no-BS takeaways from the year.

This spectacular day is perhaps the only day in the city (and the country) that celebrates color and at the same time disregards it.


To live a life with love, A life I wait to live, I’m a lover without a lover, A lover with love to give.

Be yourself, they tell you Reckless then they call it. Do your own thing, they advise Midway then they stall it.

A poem for anyone who has love to give, but holds back on it because they don't want to know what it might entail.